Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Decor 2009

My husband and I are celebrating our second Christmas as a married couple. We love the season and celebrating the birth of our Savior. We anxiously awaited the day we would pick out our Christmas tree, put on the Christmas music and adorn our little condo with the Holiday spirit.

After reading a few blogs and design magazines, I decided to go with a shimmery gold/copper theme for our holiday decor. It matches nicely with our gold/tan walls. It brings a classy, glitzy approach that extends into the new year. I was never a huge fan of the bright red and green decorations.

My husband loves colored lights and all of his childhood ornaments, so I left him in charge of the tree. Therefore our tree is excluded from the glittery gold theme.

Our condo is less than 900 sq. feet, so all we needed was just a few simple decorations to jazz up the place.

#1. Flower Arrangement
With a few flowers from Michael's, a vase I already owned, and some gold ribbon I made this arrangement for our window sill in the living room/kitchen. I placed the arrangement on the table, where there is more light, just for the picture. The next picture shows the arrangement on the window sill.
Price: $ 6.00 (thanks to Michael's 50% sale)

#2. Table Centerpiece
I placed some glittery ornaments into a clear vase (both of which I already owned). I purchased 2 small candle holders to add some light and glam to the table. I also added 2 ornaments to our fan for a more dramatic feel.
A close up of the hanging ornament.

I also made little place setting cards out of gold paper and silver letter stickers. Just a small touch to show your guests where to sit. Can never go wrong personal touches.
Price: 5.00 (thanks again to the Michael's 50% off sale)

#3. 3 candle holders to dress up the coffee table. The window sill, Christmas tree, table and coffee table are all within 5 feet of one another so something small did the trick. They match the candle holders on the table.
So there you have it. A shining gold theme for Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Short Hiatus: Teaching to Blame

My last post was back in October. It is now December 19th and the ground here in DC is covered in over 1 foot of snow. Needless to say my blogging has been on a short hiatus. My full-time job is to teach the minds of young 5th graders. My time has been consumed with teaching. I love my students dearly, but between the grading, lesson plans, and exhaustion it leaves little time for design and blogging.

With the Holidays (and the gift of a snow day) I have some time and Christmas decor to share.

Stay tuned for some inexpensive yet classy Christmas decor.