Sunday, April 29, 2012

newseum, video games, and bean brownies

Quite the title, right?

We've been so busy lately the blog has been left untouched. This has been our first weekend at home in the last month. It was nice to sleep in, get caught up on everything, and finally, the house is clean.

After Easter weekend, when I was in New Jersey and JD was in Boston, we spent the weekend in DC fine dining and visiting with JD's dad. Besides endless eating, we toured the Newseum. It's a newer museum in DC and is very neat.  I'm beginning to like museums more and more in my old age. It is huge (6 floors) and after spending a few hours there, we still didn't see everything. Here's my favorite picture of the day on the outside balcony:

On Sunday we stopped at the Smithsonian to tour the The Art of Video Games exhibit.


In other news, today I submitted my final assignment for my current class and now have off for the month of May. Yipeeee! Ironically, this week I begin a tutoring program working with the Chinese community. I'm excited for this new opportunity and will continue to go where God leads me.

Migraine wise, the month of April has been the best month in a long time. 3 migraines with symptoms much less severe than normal. Not sure if it's the gluten free diet or new vitamin, but I'm going to continue with both. So thankful for some relief and normalcy.

Last item of business today...gluten free brownies made with beans and spinach. Quite the combination but actually good. Happy Baking!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

good friends and more food

I've got some friends and food to share with you today. But first, Easter and spring break were great. Relaxing, productive, low-key, and just what I needed. I did venture to Northern New Jersey to see Ashley & Amanda who were home from North Carolina. For those who don't know, I've been friends with these girls since they were 2 and I was 4. I spent pretty much every waking moment with these two for the first 12 or so years of my life. We have so many memories from sleepovers to bowling and bike rides.

Amanda is getting married in 2 months and her shower was last weekend. It was so fun to see them and meet their leading men. We always have a great time, and I wished we lived closer.

 Now onto the food...

I've got two recipes to share, both gluten free and goooooood. and healthy too.

Recipe 1: Lentil-Walnut Burgers from Martha Stewart herself

Recipe 2: Quinoa Mac N' Cheese with a side of broccoli
This mac n' cheese is so light and a great alternative for a gluten free diet. JD even loved it.
Have you ever tried sauteing broccoli with garlic and oil olive? You should. It gives it a char-grilled taste and it's quite good.

With summer right around the corner hopefully 'll have a project to share sometime soon. 44 days left of school!