Monday, June 25, 2012

summer bucket list

I love my summer days.  It's time to relax, refuel, and  reenergize, but I also like to be productive with my time.

I'm a visual learner, as I always tell my kids, so making a list, helped me identify what I want/need to do this summer. Some small (like sleeping in) some simple (like making the bed) some big, and some stop-procrastinating-and-just-do-it-already.

What's on your summer to do list? Any fun vacations planned or anything annoying to buy like renter's insurance?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SUMMER and more

I really hope to find time for more than "life updates" here on the blog, but when I look back on this stage of our lives, I'll want to know what we were doing and what life was like.

I've been going full steam ahead and summer looks that way too....but today was the last day of school!! I am getting a new portable so my entire classroom has been packed up. wow. what a feat that was. Do you know how much stuff teachers accumulate? I didn't either until it all needed to be boxed away. I had a great class this year and enjoyed all my students. I had to share this card because it was so funny and thoughtful. I have one student who is very artistic and she made me this card and everyone signed it...
She even drew each student in the class and their picture perfectly matched their appearance and personality. It made me laugh.

The closest thing to completing a DIY project was making my students a DVD of their informative news segments. I taped them all and put them together in a nice montage in iMovie. Thanks to such a supportive and helpful husband it only took 20 minutes to burn each CD (27 times)! Hours upon hours it took but the student's loved them and I told them Mr. Douglas made them all.

and he also cooked this amazing dinner! Gluten free or not this is soooooo good. You must try it!

I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be gluten-free.  I noticed a slight difference as my migraines were still as frequent but not as bad the first month, but May and the beginning of June have been h o r r i b l e. So the search continues...

Onto other news, a few weeks ago we celebrated with Amanda and Justin as they wed in New Jersey.
 I love these girls and can't believe Amanda is married.

Here's to be blogging more often this summer. With three grad classes and tutoring twice a week, and hopefully some pool and fun mixed in there too, I hope it doesn't go by too quickly.