Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prayer Board-Before and After

I've mentioned before my joy of digging through any clearance rack, isle, or bin. My latest clearance find came from TJMAXX. We have been talking about making or buying a prayer board to display our current prayer requests. I saw some potential in a hot pink cork board, purchased it, and was ready to begin the transformation.

The best part was scoring this for $5.00. (Originally $7, but I negotiated it down to $5 because of the missing glass).



With some primer, green paint, push pins, and a the front of a card my board was complete.

Cost Breakdown:
  • Cork board $5.00
  • Push pins $2.00
  • Paint and tape I already owned
Total: $7.00

Another simple, fun, and cost-effective redo!

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