Thursday, November 10, 2011

i'm alive

Wow. It has been a crazy few months. I hate that I'm two days away from not blogging for an entire month. Between teaching, migraines, report cards, grad class, parent conferences, and my final project I've been working nonstop. My class ended last week but the insanity continues as I started a new class this week.  It's through God's strength and patience I accomplish it all. Among the chaos, I'm grateful for a supportive family and husband.

Last weekend we had a blast. It was the first weekend since August that I didn't have homework or grading and the first Saturday since July JD had off. Friday night we went out with his company to celebrate the release of Skyrim. [check out the live action trailer]. It's finally ready for release.

On Saturday we spent the day with my brother and Katie. The boys played paintball and Katie and I hung out with the kids.


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  1. All I have is 1 online class and I hadn't posted for about 3 weeks! I think you're doing well!