Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chipotle Chicken Tortilla Soup

I've got a few new recipes to share.

First up, Chicken Tortilla Soup from The only thing I did differently was add some corn. We made this last night and it was flavorful and super healthy. The best part was the homemade tortilla chips. Have you even made them? They are soooo good and so easy to make. JD and I both preferred these over the store bought kind any day. We had left over corn bread that we made from another meal and it was a great addition.
I often refer to my own blog when looking for a recipe I previously made that I want to make again. I realized it was hard to find what I was looking for so to help myself (and you) I organized all my recipes. Click on the recipe picture on the right side bar and everything is sorted into category.

Are you ready for fall? This soup got me excited for cooler weather, sweaters, and boots.

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  1. Hi mollie!!! Having dinner with your mom and dad on this special labor day Monday we did a picnic inside because it looked like rain. Your classroom looks really good. Do you put the students names on the. Stars? Or is that saves for the really bad all stars! If I type long enough your mom will be done cleaning up a and I didn't even have to help!! Yeah!!!!!

    Wishing you a good class year!!!

    Your old neighbor across the street,