Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bridal Shower

This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting my friend's bridal shower at my parent's home in Pennsylvania (where I grew up). It was great to see my college friends and celebrate the upcoming marriage of Dawn and Sung-Yoon. After countless secret e-mails among the bridesmaids, it was exciting to finally see everything come together.

I love surprises in any size, shape or form so I was so thrilled when the shower began with a surprise!!! The picture says it perfectly.

We wanted the shower to feel classy, personal, and fun!
Here's how we did it...

  • We set the dining table room with formal china and decorated the table with flowers and candles that coordinated with the wedding colors. It made the lunch feel very elegant. We just happen to have purple glasses and napkins that matched perfectly.
  • Hanging on the fire place were several pictures of the bride and groom throughout their relationship. It was a personal detail that received many "awws" and "I remember..."

  • Each person had a favor waiting for them at their seat. The favors consisted of a box of mints with the name of the bride and date of shower. Each guest also received a herbal tea bag with a personalized sticker that read the bride and groom's name.

  • It was decided to have a couple family members make the bride's favorite food for the shower. Seafoam salad, pita sandwiches, Miami bean dip, cheese and crackers, and fruit made the menu. It was the perfect fare for an afternoon lunch.

This was taken before all the food was placed on the table.


  • To kept things moving and entertaining we threw a few games into the mix.
We played:
Who Knows the Bride the Best??
Bridal Bingo and
The Newlywed Game

Each winner went to the prize basket for a special treat.
Friends and Fellowship

So there you have it, a fun, personalized, elegant shower for a great friend who's about to embark on the wild ride of marriage.

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