Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Closet Organizing

I love SPRING for many reasons. The warm weather, the blooming flowers, and Spring Break!

With a break from school, I have a few simple house projects planned for the week. Stay tuned for blog posts to follow each project. The first little project I tackled was cleaning and organizing one of our bedroom closets. It was very easy. The biggest hurdle was finding the time and energy to solve our messy closet problem. I've been meaning to organize this closet for awhile.

Take a look at the messy and I'm embarrassed to say before picture:
This project took about an hour. The most time consuming aspect was folding all the clothes. However, simple and pain free.
After a trip to TJmaxx and Walmart, I reorganized and ta-daaaa...
Looks so much better and I feel my closet can breathe.

In my basket I am storing all my scarves and bathing suits.
The hubby is storing his spare contacts, toothpaste, bandaids etc. Nothing too exciting. But all safe and organized in his straw basket.

To provide more shoe space, I purchased a cheap rack from Walmart.
Total Cost Breakdown
  • 2 baskets from Tjmaxx- $16.64
  • 1 shoe rack from Walmart -$12.50
  • Organizing- Free
  • Folding- Free
Total Cost: $29.14

A love opening the door to see a fresh, clean closet.

Do you dare to face your dreaded closet?? I promise you will feel very refreshed.

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