Thursday, April 1, 2010

Caitlin's Master Bedroom: Before & After

I am back with my 2nd spring break post. I had the lovely opportunity to help my friend, Caitlin, completely transform her master bedroom.

She said, "I am so sick of my boring room. I can't sleep at night, and want a bedroom where I can relax. I want something fresh, clean, and soothing."

So here is Caitlin's room BEFORE:
This view is from the doorway.

This is inside her room looking from the bathroom (It's important to know so you can see how we flipped the bed in the after photos).

So how did we do it??
Here's the run down...

She pretty much gave me free range with colors, layout, and design. The only thing she had were the mocha colored sheets (a Christmas present from her mom that she kept in the package awaiting our big makeover).

I thought a light blue wall color would be perfect for a calming retreat. After a couple of flips through the paint book we decided on Optic Blue from Duron.

Day 1-Shop Shop Shop

We went to almost every store between Damascus and Germantown. About 5 hours later, we got almost everything we needed. That night she and her hubby painted the room and repainted the trim for a crisp, new look.

Day 2-Put it all together

With a few more stops to purchase the blinds and coverlet, we were finished with our purchases. Back to the ranch or farm I should say (she owns 2 sweet Golden Retrievers and 2 not so sweet cats :) to complete our masterpiece.
Tiko and Tug watched the entire time.
As you can see the cats continued to walk on the new, freshly dusted furniture leaving the evidence behind. The cause of a few good laughs.

Back to the transformation.
After we hung the blinds, set up the furniture, hung the artwork, made the bed, fluffed the pillows, and vacuumed, we stepped back to admire the beautiful transformation.

Here is Caitlin's bedroom AFTER:

This is the same view as the 1st before picture. The view from the doorway. We flipped the bed to the other side of the room.

At the foot of the bed is this gorgeous new dresser (not a planned purchase, but how can you pass up such a beauty?) This is where the bed sat before. They plan to hang the mirror just above the dresser once they get some wire.
Close up of the new bamboo roman shade blinds.

Isn't that the perfect color scheme for relaxation? The room looks so much bigger. The coolness of the light blue is complimented by the warm shades of brown. I love the white trim against the blue walls and the clean lines provide a contemporary feel. The artwork and accessories finish the room making it cohesive and complete. This is my favorite make-over to date.

So how much muh-la did we spend?

Price Breakdown
  • 2 nightstands $140.00
  • Dresser $300.00
  • Artwork $50.00
  • 2 lamp bases $40.00
  • 2 lamp shades $ 34.00
  • Mirror $19.99
  • 2 square decorative pillows $40.00
  • 2 king size pillows $26.00
  • 2 white king pillow cases $18.00
  • Accessories $20.00
  • Coverlet after 20% off $105.00
  • 2 Bamboo roman shade blinds- $50.00
  • 1 gallon of paint $30.00
Grand total: $872.99

Not too bad for a complete, head to toe, or paint to furniture make over. Especially since the $300 dresser was an extra included expense.

I'm sure Caitlin will have a much easier time falling asleep in her newly renovated master bedroom.


  1. Mollie! It's so great to hear from you!! I love your blog :) I want to try and add some crafts to mine... I just haven't gotten there yet. I'm definitely excited about blogging! Hope you're doing well.