Thursday, April 21, 2011

3 exciting things happened today...

 First, I finally went birthday shopping and scored some great deals. Only a month late but it felt good to purchase a few things. Stay tuned for details on what I bought.

Second, I finally submitted my 23 page research paper that has sucked every ounce of energy out of me over the past 2 weeks. That sucker took me over 30 hours to complete. Anyone interested in how blogging can motivate young readers? Let me know. ha.

Third, I cooked a great dinner tonight. I told JD on the phone, it was one of the best meals I cooked in a long time. Yes, I ate without him. He's been working late all week so I've been eating solo.

I used this recipe from Rachael Ray. Instead of using fish, I used chicken. It's amazing what you can do with a George Foreman grill. They were delicious. The piña colada, soy sauce glaze did the trick. Perfect for a spring/summer meal.

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