Wednesday, August 10, 2011

beach trip

I'm back with more pictures from our most recent vacation to South Carolina. We went with my college roommates and their husbands.

Yes, the city is gorgeous and the beach was awesome, but the best part was spending time with our friends.

We crammed a lot into our 7 days: we went to the beach, ate in, ate out, played frisbee golf, played card games (every night), went to Magnolia plantation, took a slave tour, had minor car problems (y'all running hot?), enjoyed the sunsets, got eaten alive by mosquitoes, toured Charleston, strolled through the famous slave market, went out for ice-cream (twice), stayed up late, slept in, went swimming, marveled at the ever-changing tidal waters, and i'm sure there is more. Enjoy the pictures.

Magnolia Plantation

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