Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bookshelf: Part 1

Now that I have a pretty desk, I'm eager to get our 2nd bedroom/office/video game room in order. Yea, now sure how it's going to be all three, but I'm hoping we'll figure it out soon. Right now it's full of unpacked boxes and other random stuff that doesn't have a place yet.

According to the gamer in the house, our spending is on halt. I've been busy with a few projects this summer and he has gently reminded me to slow down on the purchases/DIY projects.  Slow down being the keys words there.

So, I've been forced to work with what we have. Which leads me to this ugly, brown, cheap bookshelf that I bought my freshmen year of college. It has served me well but  doesn't coincide with my new pretty white desk.

I wasn't even sure if laminate could be painted but after some research and sheer determination, I found out it could.

Laminate is very shiny, fake wood and must be covered with an oil-based primer especially made for this type of wood material before being painted. 

Through multiple internet recommendations, I went with the Zinsser brand oil-based primer. Today at Home Depot, it was described to me as 'doubled-sided tape' for paint. Good analogy.

I went with oil-based primer over water-based primer because it a) dries in 1 hour and b) adheres to laminate. I was feeling lazy and opted for the spray paint version verses the actual paint primer. I figured it's just primer and will be covered anyway. 

I learned my lesson and took this baby outside and fired away.

Remember- primer is different than paint and will not cover the object evenly. It's okay to end up with a spotted, leopard-like appearance. For now anyway.

Stay tuned for the final look!


  1. Tell me you are going to use wallpaper in this project!

  2. You are on a whirl, girl!