Monday, February 13, 2012

a sweet valentine treat

or I should say an extra sweeeet treat. Think of the sweetest/richest dessert you've had...and then multiply it by 10. That's this dessert. Have you ever had the maple walnut blondie dessert from Applebee's? It's one of JD's all-time favorite desserts. When we go, most times we're going for that dessert.

Anyway, I was shocked when a homemade version of this recipe popped up in my blog reader. I knew we had to try it. Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect occasion. We never do too much of anything but why not find an excuse to eat tons of calories in one sitting?

Tomorrow [Vday] I won't be home until 9 pm, so I made it tonight. Even topped it off with homemade maple sauce, walnuts, and ice-cream. oh boy, so good yet so bad.

Pictures [at night] are not so good but you'll get the point.

Check out the recipe and better pictures here.

I think I'm off to do jumping jacks or jog in place or some kind of cardio to ease the guilt.

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