Tuesday, July 3, 2012

roooooooound here

Luckily JD and I survived the horrible storms and unlike so many here in the DC area, never lost power. But just minutes ago we realized our ac unit froze over. After some goolging, we determined it has been overworked. Reasonable enough, it has been running for two days straight.

Lately, I've been spending hours on this computer trying to finish all my grad work. Yesterday and today I logged 8 hours each day trying to finish before our beach trip. Almost there. I can almost feel the sand...

In the meantime here's some summer pics...

Did you notice that beer was gluten free? It is actually very good. I might just crack at the beach and enjoy a blue moon.  We'll see. We got a new patio set have spent a lot of time out there. We got it on sale from Target and it was well worth the $63.00 (which came close to $90 with shipping).

Surprising enough, I've already accomplished some things on my summer bucket list. I made three new recipes, two from Rachel Ray Chip & Dip Patties and Sweet Marmalade Corn on the Cob (both great) and the fajita steak above (so good, read the description in the recipe). Bought renter's insurance, slept in, went to the pool, began organizing the office, and spent time reading the word.

We're headed for the beach early Friday morning and its supposed to be 104 degrees. Wowza, it's going to be hot. See ya when we return!

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