Saturday, December 8, 2012

i can't believe it....i met the peterskis

I'm really excited for two reasons.

#1 I met my favorite bloggers.
#2 It proved yet again how sweet my husband is for waiting with me for 3 hours to meet them. Oh, and I should mention we had to wait outside in the cold.

Last Wednesday we went into Georgetown to meet Young House Love. We actually got there around 4pm and did some shopping and grabbed dinner since the event did not start until 6:30. I've been following them on their book tour so I should have known there was going to be a line. I anticipated a line actually, but not one 2 blocks long.

They were giving away free homemade cookies and hot cider and we made some friends while waiting in line, but three hours is still three hours. We were so excited to finally get inside. Inside they were handing out wine and popcorn. 
We still had to wait in line as we headed upstairs. But at last we finally saw them!

When we got up to meet them, I pretty much just stammered over my words and sounded like a complete fool. They were so kind and energetic even after talking to their fans for over 3 hours.  My photo with them turned out awful (they looked great, but me not so much), so you can just imagine me standing there with them. It was quite the adventure and I'm glad we went.

p.s. I'm still waiting on there book to come as it was sold out everywhere, even on Amazon. Looks like it should finally arrive next week.

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