Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Night Dates

This August JD and I will be married for two years. After getting married and moving to DC, we quickly found ourselves falling into a Friday night routine. Before I explain, let's rewind...

When we got married we decided to spend our money very carefully. Newly married, with new bills neither of us experienced before, we were devoted to careful spending.

So each week we plan out our meals, go grocery shopping for the ingredients, and have 3-4 meals planned to cook at home. We felt this was the best possible way to avoid, "What's for dinner tonight?" and feeling tempted to go out for dinner, or even pick up Subway, and spending extra money we didn't need to spend.

All of this led to our Friday Night Dates. It is once a week when we splurge, spend quality time together, and catch up after a hectic work week. We enjoy going out, ordering in, or picking up t0 go food every Friday. Since we have lived here in the DC area we have ventured to many restaurants on Friday evenings. Sometimes getting right in and at other times waiting over an hour. We try to find new places but can't resist doubling and sometimes tripling at our favorite spots.

A few locations caught on camera

Not even the blizzard of 2010 kept us from on weekly treat. We hiked to Outback in the mist of a a crazy snow storm.

Last night we went to TGI Friday's and then spent some time at one of our favorite spots--Barnes & Noble. We are quite the adventurous couple! ha...just kidding. JD catches on up on all the video game news while I browse through celebrity trash or my new favorite, home decor magazines. We love the atmosphere that any book store provides.

Anyone else have a favorite coffee shop or park you like to visit often? Or what about a weekly ritual or something you look forward to on the weekends?

Enjoy your weekends everyone!

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  1. DIY magazine is my fave!!! You guys are cute! I wish we lived closer and could go on double dates :) Oh yea, we LOVE coffee dates!