Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sock Elephant

Well I am back to share my latest and greatest sock creation. My first transformation came in the form of a sock monkey (you can read all about that here).
When my brother and sister-in-law bought me this book for my birthday, I was very excited to bring another pair of socks to life.

After a few trips to various stores, I found the right pair of socks for my new project.

4 hours later, with a few breaks in between, I finished the elephant.

Quite the cutie isn't she?
Side view
I am quickly acquiring a small zoo of sock animals. As much as I enjoy making them, they are beginning to collect dust on my shelf. I love that "feeling of accomplishment" when I am done, but would love to pass their happiness along. In other words- they're are up for sale. I currently have a pink sock monkey and this elephant up for grabs. If you are interested post on this comment and I'll contact you privately.

Stayed tuned..I'll be back with yet another sock creation soon.


  1. Cute!! Mollie you should open an ETSY shop to sell them :) I started one for fun. Etsy is the greatest!!