Friday, June 18, 2010

Adrian and Michelle's Couple Shower

Yep folks, you read it right. Adrian is tying the knot. For those of you who know him understand we were all waiting for this day (and wondering if it would ever happen). He found his beautiful bride and her perfect personality and didn't wait long to dangle (literally) a ring in front of her. (read all about the proposal here)

Recently a lot of my posts have been wedding related. If you remember reading this post, I have a lot of upcoming weddings which also means a lot of wedding showers. So far Dawn and Vick's showers have been a success!

This past weekend, my big bro, also known as "Big A" celebrated his upcoming nuptials with his beautiful bride. They took the path of a "Couples Shower" so both the girls and gals could celebrate together.

Here are a few pictures that captured the beautiful, but oh so hot day! (95 degrees and humid)

A few days before the shower, I received a frantic phone call from my mother. She was concerned that we didn't have favors and wanted something special for them. "No worries mom, I will take care of it. I have a few inexpensive but classy ideas. I'll bring the favors." I said.

After a trip to target and Michaels (and you know I had my 40% coupon in hand) I whipped together the favors.
I bought the clear tins (which came with blank labels) and the ribbon from Michaels and filled them with chewy sweet tarts. I printed the labels on my computer and tied some brown and pink ribbon around them. All for the cost of $19. Can't beat that. "
  • Tins $12.00 (after the coupon)
  • Ribbon $1.00
  • Candy $6.00
Another shower filled with love, make-your-own-sundaes, presents, family, and fun. Congrats Adrian and Michelle!

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  1. Thanks Mollie. This is great! Thanks for help with the favors. Luv ya