Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vicki's Supersized Bridal Shower

Before I get to the goods of this post...I just want you to know: SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER! I am ready for a break to relax, sleep in, go to the beach, blog, craft, and whatever else comes my way.

Now on to the Vicki's superzied shower (and in supersized I don't mean just a burger and fries, I mean a mega big mac, with a large fry, and gallon-sized soda from McDonald's).

Vicki, my college roommate, and I lived together for 3 years. We shared a room, toilet, and great memories at West Chester University. A couple months ago, we threw a shower for Dawn, our other college roommate (check out that here).

Vick is inviting around 250 people to her wedding so it was reasonable to have a 55 person shower to celebrate her upcoming nuptials.

The shower was held at a beautiful barn, perfect for the occasion.
The decorations were purple tissue-paper pom-poms from Martha Stewart and thanks to her aunt, each table was covered with purple and white flowers that also served as the favors.

There was enough food to feed a small army of men or a group of 55 women.
The guests helped themselves to appetizers while waiting for Vicki's arrival. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Plus a veggie tray and homemade cheese dip. Did you spot the huge bowl of sangria?

I didn't get a chance to snap photos of the catered main course but it was caesar salad, pasta salad, roasted chicken, green beans, and bread.

The huge stack of presents
After 2 rounds of presents, a few fun games, eating appetizers then lunch, we were ready for dessert.
A fresh strawberry shortcake and a plate full of pastries, chocolate, and cookies.
So there you have it, a superszied shower for a girl who rightly deserved it. Vicki is one the kindest and friendliest girls you will ever meet. Can't wait for her big day.


  1. I'm so so jealous of your summers off!!! I have been the biggest baby...this being my first summer ever working full-time haha The shower looks amazing :) Can't wait to see what crafts you have coming up!

  2. that pastry platter is every pregnant womans dream!!