Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chef Jder

With a few spare minutes, I wanted to drop in and say hello and share another recipe.

When my Real Simple magazine came this month, I was stoked to see, amazing slow-cooker dinners on the cover. We decided to try the spinach and ricotta lasagna and added all the necessary ingredients to the grocery list.

The plan was so prepare it Tuesday night, pop it in the crock pot Wednesday morning and have it ready for dinner Wed. night. Plans were changed when I was struck with another dreadful migraine Tuesday night and in bed by 8:30.

Fast forward to Wed. afternoon while driving home from work thinking to myself, what are we going to eat for dinner tonight? Pancakes? Grilled Cheese? Steak meal planned for Thursday?

When I walked in I was beyond surprised to smell yummy goodness and spotted the crock pot plugged in and steaming away. Chef JDer was hard at work in the kitchen again.  Seriously, this boy is amazing.

I made him pose and said, "come on, for the blog, pleeeeeeease?"

It was delicious! You should try it. I gotta find more recipes for that slow-cooker.

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