Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another great dinner recipe

So here's another recipe...well two actually. 

Pretzel & Peanut-Crusted Chicken with Smashed Sweet Potatoes with Honey

Seriously so good. Crispy outside, tender inside. What's not to love about pretzels and peanuts combined with chicken?

Thanks to Rachel (as in Rachel Ray) she provided step by step directions with pictures so I didn't bother to document each step. Chicken recipe [here] and Potato recipe [here].

I pretty much followed the recipes exactly. However, I didn't use 2 pounds of chicken. I used 3 chicken breasts which made enough for dinner and leftovers the next night.

Side note: If you need to keep the chicken warm after being cooked, place in oven at 300 degrees until served.

Once again...Happy Cooking!


  1. Yum! My husband always does fried chicken, I think I'll have to share this with him!