Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pinterest Inspiration

Like so many of you, I find myself on Pinterest pinning away recipes, home ideas, fashion ideas, and whatever else strikes my fancy. The other day I stumbled upon this picture:

I loved the addition of the broach. I already own a yellow scarf and was eager to recreate this look. One problem, I didn't own a broach.

Well, after showing this picture to mom and mentioning that I wanted a broach, she went out and got me got me one. She's amazing and found the perfect one. It's magnetic. So cool.

Thanks mom. I love the broach and the extra jazz it added to my outfit.

In case you like the twisted scarf, follow these steps:
  • Fold scarf in half. 
  • Loop around neck. 
  • Pull only one strand of the scarf through the loop. 
  • Twist loop, then pull other strand through.
Have you caught the Pinterest bug? 

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