Sunday, September 18, 2011


How's everyone doing? Are you loving this fall weather? Soaking up the NFL games?

Today we planned on going on our annual fall shopping trip, but I was hit with another migraine and have been stuck on the couch. I tried my best to pull it together but after getting ready for 5 minutes realized I could barely stand up, let alone go shopping.
JD doesn't seem to mind. He's watching football.

With my dad's help we got our TV hung and we love it.  It looks off center in this picture, but I promise it's not, must have been the angle. I added the mini pumpkins for a little fall fun.

My mom also came this weekend. She helped me clean, grade papers, and took us out for dinner. I love her visits.
Even though I've been on the couch all day, I can't complain about spending time with my man.


  1. Molls! Too funny, I just posted a few new pictures and what do you know?! Football is on the ol' TV! haha, if only we lived close. Boys watch football, girls craft. You and your mom and too cute, and your hair is so long! love it!

  2. MOLL....thanks for a GREAT weekend. Your condo is beautiful. Enjoyed our time together. So sorry for those ugly migraines. Love you.