Thursday, September 29, 2011

YUM...fall food

My pumpkins are out, the weather is beginning to cool, and school has been in session for over a month. Fall has arrived. I've also read about everyone indulging in pumpkin spice lattes on facebook. Guess their quite the hit!? Even while working at Starbucks for a few months, I never tried one. Now that I have completely eliminated coffee and espresso in attempt to tame these wild migraines, I'll take your word. They must be goooood.

On to other things, I've got 2 recipes to share.

I'm all about simple meals during the week. My goal is a 20 minute or less prep time. My tired teaching legs can't take much more. Earlier this week I made Creamy Corn Chowder [recipe here]. It was quick to make and oh so divine. It's healthy too.

My second recipe is a dessert. I'm not one for pies but JD loves pie. Bake a pie was on my summer to do list and never happened. So when this recipe showed up in my blog reader, I was eager to give it a try.

Peach Crumble Pie [recipe here]

This did NOT take 20 minutes or less and more like an hour in prep time. It was peeling all those peaches. I even bought a pre-made graham cracker crust.

Sorry the lighting is bad. Not to be prideful but this was delicious. I totally recommend this recipe. My first pie was a success!

If I get around to it, I'll show you my fall decor. In the meantime, check out last years.


  1. Hey!
    Speaking of fall food, I just wanted to let you know that I've just finished a series of "The Twelve Days of Pumpkin" and starting today am hosting a pumpkin recipe link up... Many of those recipes will be included in a cook book that gives you your own page (where you're able to include your URL!). If you are interested, you can link up here!


  2. That soup looks so good! Not sure if I want the weather to go with it quite yet though!