Sunday, September 19, 2010

Video Blog: Shopping & Saving for Fall Decor

On countless blogs and facebook statues I've seen people referencing fall. How much they love the cooler days, anxiously awaiting pumpkin pie, switching out their fall wardrobe, the start of football season etc. I was ready to decorate for fall and realized I only had one pumpkin. was time to shop!

I always go shopping, find my deals then come back and write about them. This time I thought I'd bring you along for the ride. So I grabbed my camera, cameraman and off we went. It's my first video blog experience, so here it goes.

I came home and the decorating began. I only spent $15.00 in the video above and I needed a few more things. So I left the camera (and cameraman) behind and went back out to Michaels. I purchased a few more things you didn't see.

I was going for a simple, neutral theme with a few pops of color. Let me remind you, our condo is SMALL. Our kitchen and living room are basically one big room. I have limited space to decorate and needed the perfect balance. Not too much, not too little. Little space=not much furniture=not a lot of place to put decorations.

My focus area was the window sill. I forgot to take a before picture. But it was covered with picture frames. Here's a picture from awhile ago.
Dressed up for Fall:
I took a few pictures with the morning sun and a few in the evening. It's very hard to photograph a window with good lighting.

Thoughts: Whenever you have a large space or long tabletop it's good to think of decorating with three different heights and clusters. My floral arrangement was the tallest and looked best in the center. Cluster 2 is the books with the silver pumpkin on top. It's great to use books, especially if they coordinate with your color scheme. We luckily had a book with just a little bit of orange. Cluster 3 consists of a small orange candle, a bronze pumpkin and a vase filled with acorns. I picked the acorns up from my back yard. I like the acorns because they are neutral and natural.
Coffee Table:
I just kept it simple. The wooden tray came from Michaels and was originally a frame. I took out the metal hooks and painted it a golden yellow to hold the candles and pumpkins. I also picked up that yellow dish from Michales for $1.00.

Nothing fancy, just added some pumpkins to a tin I already had and placed a candle on the sink. Smells delicious. Hot apple cider.

I really wasn't planning on putting anything in the bedroom, but I didn't use this little green pumpkin anywhere and it matches nicely in there.

Our Kitchen already has so much sitting on the counter tops. Coffee pot, microwave, toaster, knives etc. I didn't want to add any more clutter to the counter tops, so I made this sign to sit on the stove. I picked up a wood frame and orange paint from Michaels. After a lot of thought, I found this picture in a Martha Stewart Living Magazine. It's perfect for a kitchen. I cut it out, wet it, roughed it up with a sponge to look vintage and rugged and glued it in.

So the big question? How much money did I spend?
Grand Total: $45.64
$5.64 over budget is not too bad. I am very pleased with my purchases, crafts, and day of decorating.

Thoughts on the video blog? Like it? Did you laugh? Want to see more? Could go without? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

On another note, I want to thank Sassy Sites for featuring me on their blog!

Happy Fall Everyone!


  1. Mollie, I didn't get to watch the video yet but I LOVE the window display. It's beautiful! I've been so busy with cupcakes that I haven't done anything fall yet but I think I'm officially inspired :) Also, I just saw Alyssa the other day and she said you are going to see Lesley & Patterson! I'm super jealous!

  2. I love that Eat Drink & Be Scary sign...I might have to copy that one. soooo cute. And I am so jealous that you have such big acorns... all I get is the tiniest little ones...I basically have to squint to find the little guys. (that's what she said)
    XO - kb