Monday, September 13, 2010

Wedding on the Water

Last weekend, we attended Paul and Becca's wedding and enjoyed spending time with all the Douglas'.

This past weekend we headed to Baltimore to the Inner Harbor for a weekend filled with the Hessen's. My older brother, Adrian, married his beautiful bride, Michelle at 5:30 pm on Saturday evening on the water at Pier 5.

I have never seen a more beautiful backdrop for a wedding. Boats floating on the water and the setting sun can't even begin to describe the view.

Again, we had so much fun. The weekend was special for a few reasons...
  • All three children are now married.
  • I got to see my 83-year-old grandma who lives in Texas.
  • Adrian married a girl perfect for him in every way.
Another wedding down in the books. Can't wait for Vicki's, my college roommate's, in two weeks.
Then we'll be done.

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  1. Congratulations to Adrian - beautiful event! Um, did Katie really have a baby a few weeks ago?! Your entire family looked great!