Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Negotiating: Douglas Style

Saving is a regular part of our life, hence the name of the blog High Style on a Small Budget. Back in this post, I explained how we reduced our Internet and cable bill by $35.00 a month and added DVR just by asking. We are always looking to score a deal.

I got this idea from my brother, Tom, when he took a negotiating class while getting his Master's. He went on to explain the power of negotiating, so I thought I'd give it a try. Of course not every attempt ends in success, but it never hurts to try.

So here are a few accounts of Negotiating: Douglas Style...
(some are recent while others date back to over 2 years ago)

Date: 2 years ago Location: Bridal Store Savings: $200.00
  • This was my first attempt at negotiating so I was a bit nervous. I bought my wedding dress at Renaissance Bridal in York, PA and had a wonderful experience. Before I went I was reading reviews online and I happened to read that some stores offer a discount if you purchase a dress the first time you go. So I said to the women helping me, "I happened to read online that some stores offer discounts if you...." She said they never offer discounts but would kindly ask the manger. She came back and said, he must really like you, he is going to give you $200.00 off. Wahooo!
Date: About 2 years ago Location: J. Crew Savings: $75.00 (ish)
  • JD and I both reeled in the savings on winter coats from J.Crew. I purchased mine about 5 years ago while he got his the winter of '08. All we did was check the online price and then ask the store if they would honor the online price and they did. Some managers will and some won't. So we got the coats for cheaper and didn't pay for shipping.
  • ATTENTION TEACHERS: J. Crew always offers 10% off to teachers with proof. I take my ID or show my insurance card.
Date: Last Winter Location: Walmart Savings: $15.00
  • This one just cracks me up. Most people wouldn't think of asking for a deal in Walmart but we thought we'd give it a run. We LOVE Prison Break the TV show and could barely wait to get our paws on Season 4. We checked around for the cheapest price and Walmart came up as the winner. We were shocked to see the price in the store was $15.00 more than the online price. I wouldn't dare pay $15 more, so I tracked down the store manager which is NOT easy in the Walmart in Germantown. It's a zoo. I asked him if he would honor the online price and he said, yes. I think it was because he was so busy, but he just had me tell he cashier how much it was online. No one looked it up and they took our word. Good thing we're honest.
Date: Last Month Location: Rent Savings: $25.00 a month
  • Our landlord wanted to increase our rent and I just asked her not to and if we could go month to month instead of signing on for another year. She kindly agreed.
Date: 2 years ago Location: Circuit City Savings: $175.00
  • JD's wedding gift to us was a Samsung flat screen TV. He did a lot of research and online price matching. Still when we went to buy it, the store had it listed for $175.00 more. We just asked if they could honor the online price and again after tracking down the store manager we were swimming in another sweet deal.
Date: Last Month Location: Express Savings: $30.00
  • JD recently bought new dress pants. We rarely shop at Express so when I got the coupon I threw it away. I was kicking myself when we were checking out couponless. So I explained to the cashier that I knew they were running a promotion but didn't have my coupon and asked if there was anything he could do for us. He said sure just come back with the receipt and the coupon and they would subtract the difference. I went on to stay how inconvenient that would be for us that we live 20 minutes away...blah blah blah. He gave in :)
Tips for Saving
1. Always research any purchase and look around for the cheapest price.
2. We find many times that online prices are cheaper than in the stores. Always ask if the store can and will honor the online price. Some stores have strict polices while others are left up the store manager.
3. When negotiating be overly kind and polite. No one wants to help someone who is rude.
4. Always ask if the store or company is offering any promotions. I saved a few dollars this way when getting an oil change. I also attempted this when getting my car fixed but none of my car's needs were on special.
5. Use coupons.

I strongly encourage you to become a negotiator. Your wallet will thank you.

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