Friday, July 9, 2010

Ask and you shall receive

I tried to get JD to write this post, begged, and pleaded to make a "guest appearance" but with his hectic work schedule and my impatience, that didn't happen. I wanted him to recount our latest savings since he managed to swing this deal, but I'll try my best to replay it. So here it goes...

Last month JD said again (I've heard this for a while now), I really think we need DVR. I said oh just like we needed HD cable (up went the monthly bill), and also just like we needed Netflix (up went the monthly bill). With every effort to really analyze our "wants" and "needs" I just couldn't justify paying for another TV perk that in then end would lead to more TV time and less quality time together. I left the conversation at you-do-what-you-think-is-best. I wasn't angry or mad just kindly putting the decision on his plate, I added my input and that's that. He said, what if I could get our monthly rate decreased? I said yeah that would be great.

So his goal was to keep our current HD cable, ADD DVR, and get our current bill lowered. I said that sounds like quite a goal--have at it.

I will spare you the frustrating, 2-day, 4 different representatives, hours on hold, frequent "I'm sorry you have the wrong department" details of his attempt to attain this goal-but I'm happy to report it worked.

He is quite the sweet talker so we got free DVR for 1 year and lowered our monthly bill by $35.00 a month. So we pay less than $100.00 a month for high-speed Internet, HD cable, and DVR.

The moral of this story...don't be afraid to ask and negotiate.
Want your monthly bill lowered? Call your cable company and see what happens.
It's worth a try!
Happy negotiating!

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