Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend. I was feeling very patriotic this year. Not sure if it was because of the patriotic music at church, the amount of time I invest in teaching the Revolutionary War and knowing what we went through to gain independence (and knowing way more than the average person would ever want to know about it), or just the fact that we live in the nation's capital. Maybe it's a combo of all three.

Anyway, I convinced my main squeeze (who would have preferred to watch them streaming live on the good 'ole TV) to metro into the city to watch the fireworks at the National Mall. It was well worth it and quite the experience. It was fun to be part of a crowd of 1/2 million but not so fun to be crammed with the same crowed on the metro ride home. Not something I would do every year, but I'm glad I did. Watching the fireworks with the Washington Monument in the foreground was amazing. Even the sunset was beautiful before the fireworks began.
Here's a little video action

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