Thursday, October 1, 2009

Get Crafty with Pumpkins

Hello October! The warm days and cool nights are a sure sign that fall has arrived. Fall signifies, warm apple-cider, hay rides, and pumpkin carving! Kids are not the only ones who enjoy the pleasures of pumpkin decor.

Pumpkins allow for many cheap yet sophisticated DIY projects that brighten up your home and bring the festivities of the season inside.

Pumpkin Projects
Let the fun and creativity begin...

1. Paint a pumpkin (no, not a silly face with black paint). If orange does not match your decor paint the pumpkin white, gold, or any shade to match your room. You may also want to add a small detail for added glitz.

2. Create a Pumpkin Centerpiece

I love the idea of making a pumpkin vase and filling it with a fall assortment. So festive and cheap! You could also place a couple of small pumpkins or gourds in a bowl for an instant, timeless centerpiece.

3. Pumpkin Candles
It's Simple. Carve the pumpkin. Paint it if you choose and insert a tea-light candle and you have yet another fancy use for our favorite fall accessory. So cute and calming.

Happy Pumpkin crafting!
If you take on one of these fun projects...send your pictures our way! (

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