Monday, November 15, 2010

Tourists in DC

After living here for over two years we finally toured DC, tourist style. I've seen all the monuments while in college, but it was great to see everything again.

Abby and Mike, our friends from Pennsylvania, came down for the day and we had a blast catching up and spending the day together. Abby found her soul mate half way around the world in New Zealand. They have a crazy story. The weather was gorgeous and the trees were beautiful.

DC truly is a great city. It is very clean, full of history, and a great place to home.


  1. you know, my sister and i didn't actually tour DC until we were in our 20's and we have lived in MD our whole lives! we went when one of her coworkers came for a work thing from Colorado!

  2. Matt and I were just talking about planning a trip to see you guys. What do you think? June? Spring break? I'm ready when you are!

  3. haha what weekend did you go? we were in DC the weekend of the 13th visiting a friend down there. if i had known you were going to be in DC i would've gotten in touch with you. oh well we will have to come down for a separate trip sometime:) Happy Thanksgiving!