Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Should I change the blog name?

After a lot of thought, I'm still confused and need your help. Let me explain.

When I first began this blog I focused on inexpensive decor, DIY projects, design, savings etc. Hence the name High Style on a Small Budget. Living in a small cave (we live half underground in a small 800 sq. foot condo), I quickly realized I was out of space to "make-over" and the blog took a turn. A turn for the better. Right?

I still do all of the above, but now include some of our personal outings, my random thoughts, silly car videos, and of course any deals I find, whether it be an orange pillow or my new favorite sweater vest from Target.

I'm beginning to think High Style on a Small Budget does not accurately title the blog anymore. Should I come up with a new name? If so, have any ideas? Or should I stick with the original?

Help!? I'm going bonkers over here.

I put together this little poll to keep everything tabulated.

Should I change the blog name?

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