Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I wish every weekend was three days. I was so happy Sunday night when I knew I didn't have to go back to work the next day. With the extra day, I feel more refreshed and energized. Lucky for me summer is just 12.5 days away. Wohoooo!

Saturday we celebrated little T's 2nd birthday. We love him dearly and he gets very excited when he sees his uncle JDer.

Today (Monday) we went to Black Hills for a hike. It was our first time there and it was packed with picnics and families grilling out. We grabbed a map from the visitor's center and were off. Our plan was to hike around the lake which we were told took about an hour.  We tried to follow the map but quickly learned we weren't doing so well. The park was beautiful and we saw quite a lot of it. After asking for directions, we made it back to the car 2.5 hours later. Did I mention it was 93 degrees? We had a great time escaping into the woods, but we were beat and my tush was feeling the burn.

 We had a picnic too, just indoors. We look forward to someday owning a grill and having an outdoor space but for now we just work with what we got.
Anyone else do something fun on this holiday weekend?

In other news, I made some improvements on my baby onesies and will be back to share the details.


  1. we went to Sesame Place! and we also had an indoor cookout today :) well, bryan grilled outside but we ate inside! too hot!

  2. Don't you love nephews? I hung out with ours this past week-end..too much fun!