Monday, May 23, 2011

Root beer love

Did you know growing up my favorite soda was root beer? I still love it. A&W is my favorite brand. I used to dig through those dum dum lollipops in search of the root beer flavor. We commonly made root beer floats too. Do you get it? I love root beer.

So when I heard of these root beer sandwiches, I couldn't resist. And they're made in the crock pot, added bonus! The pork is tender, flavorful, and when topped with a sweet sauce to. die. for.

It calls for root beer concentrate, but I never buy it. I also fill the crock pot with more than 1 cup of root beer. It also says to brown the meat in oil first. I never have time for that and just throw the meat right in the pot. Still tastes great.

Hungry yet? ha. Click here, for the recipe.

1 comment:

  1. i'm making this. for reals. thanks for sharing!