Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boxed in.

Before the big move this Saturday, I wanted to drop in and give you a glimpse into our moving madness. We've been packing, packing, and oh yea, packing. Who knew we'd accumulated so much crap stuff in three years?
I'm not sure what compelled me to climb in this box, or do I? Yes, I do believe I was going bonkers from the never ending packing. Perhaps looking for some comic relief.
This is me giving JD the cut-it-out sign meaning put. the. camera. down. I suppose someday this picture will help us remember the move or just provide a good laugh. Side note about the boxes. We didn't spend a dime. We asked Giant to save us boxes and indeed they did. We have more than enough and are pleased with our money-saving idea.

We also played a word game (and even caught some of it on camera) during a packing break. I made a video to share with you all but the video did not get approved for the blog. Hmmm....wonder why? Maybe if you all plead and beg I can get that decision overruled.

After we move, the goal is to unpack as much as possible in the 48 hours before I start my week-long, 8 hours a day, summer class. Should be fun, right? Nothing sounds better than going to class for 8 hours on my first day of summer.

Until then, we'll be packing....

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  1. If I get one more person ask me to save them boxes because of you...!! Lol its one of my biggest annoyances at work.