Saturday, June 25, 2011

the move. a week late.

A week ago today (Saturday) we moved. Let's rewind... 
School ended last Friday.
Saturday we moved.
Sunday we spent the day painting and cleaning our old place.
Monday my week-long grad class started. I had class for 8 hours each day and 2+ hours of homework each night. It was a geometry class. Anyone want to know the relationship between an inscribed angle and the portion of a circle it cuts off? What about explaining the proof for why corresponding angles are congruent? Yea, I didn't think so.

So, back to the move even if it's late. Better late than never.

Thanks to my amazing family and their big muscles, we packed everything into a 26 foot uhaul and then unpacked everything. If my mom was a super hero she would be called Super Maid. She is most dedicated cleaner and will not stop until everything is done. She cleaned both bathrooms, scrubbed the kitchen and then cleaned until 10pm at the new place.

It was actually pretty cool to think that the same kind folks who moved us in 3 years ago helped us move out, with the addition of little Tommy.

I am so thankful for my brothers and their willingness to always help and for my parents who will drop anything to be there for us. And thanks to Katie who played photographer and who also made us dinner. We appreciate you all so much.

Here's the outside of our new place...
We are about half way unpacked and are loving every minute of our new home. When were a bit more settled in I'll share the inside pics. Until then envision a lot more space and light.

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