Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peace Out

As many of you know we call our little, 850 sq. foot home a cave. Yes, a cave. When you look out the windows we are parallel to the ground. We live half above ground and half below ground. We receive very little natural light and at times it can be quite dark.

One time we even captured a squirrel on our window.
Here's a better look at the view from our window.
All of this brings me to say...WE ARE MOVING. Don't get me wrong, this condo has been perfect for us in so many ways. The location. The price. The memories. We will never forget life here. It was our first home, our first space to decorate and re-decorate, home of our first Christmas tree, first time we painted, first time we paid rent....

Even though it has been all of those wonderful things, we will not miss the noisy neighbors, police action, or darkness.

I've been scouring craigslist everyday in hopes of finding a new place. Long story short, we found a place we loved with a pool, gym, lots of windows, more space (1300 sq. feet), in a nice area, but with a bigger price tag (this sound explains it all)...

Do we really want to pay more, like a couple hundred more, a month? Is it worth it? But...I could use that pool all summer! It's bigger. It has a fireplace. We both went back and forth as we battled the pros and cons. In the end, we prayed about it and had total confidence it whatever happened. We were mentally prepared to not get it. Quick side note- we were up against 2 other couples who were willing to pay the full rent, but since we are both negotiators, we couldn't walk away without attempting to score a deal.

Are you still with me? Let's quickly recap...
2 other couples willing to pay full rent + us, not offering full rent = slim chance at winning but with peace in the outcome either way.

Since you already know the outcome, we won. Crazy huh? The real estate agent told us the landlord chose us because I am a teacher and he teaches in the same county. Goooo teachers!

So....in less then 2 weeks are packing up and moving out. I'm excited to decorate, lay by the pool, work out, and welcome whatever new adventures we encounter in our new home.
Get ready for a summer of more decorating and fun...

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  1. So fun, Mollie! Would love to see it once you are all settled in! Congrats. :)