Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cookie Wednesday

JD has been gaming away at work (which is actually a lot more than just playing for fun) and has enjoyed the many perks of his company. I have always heard that video game companies treat their employees well, but now I see it first hand.

Not only do they have a full cafeteria with a personal chef but each week they treat their employees to krispy kreme Friday and cookie Wednesday. They bake trays full of fresh cookies which leads me to this goodness...

It's an oero. cookie. Not the typical black and white oero cookie but cookie dough with bits of oero mixed in. I love it when he brings them home.

Besides recovering from a migraine and a massive bug bite that got infected and spread (that I'm treating with 14 days of mega antibiotics...weird right?), I'm enjoying summer and looking forward to some pool time.

In other news that doesn't involve cookies or bug bites, I've been on the hunt for some side tables. I've been looking online and found a bunch that I love...

However, all are over $100.00-the top one is $575.00. I like the wood/metal combination but these are out of my price range. I'm thinking about making my own. I found this tutorial on Lowes but feel it looks a bit cheap. I might try to tweak it. Who knows. I'm also building a desk...I'll be back with that update in about 2-3 weeks.

Anyone else ever make any furniture? Now if I could just learn how to use some power tools.

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  1. You should check out
    She makes all her furniture. And those cookies look delicious!