Tuesday, March 6, 2012

gettin' healthy

We are generally pretty healthy eaters. We could probably eat more veggies and less sweets but overall we strive to maintain a healthy diet. But now we're trying to work out more and rid the house of dessert.

Last week I stumbled upon the blog Skinny Taste and we've made three meals this week from this blog and we love it!

First up...Potato Soup 
It takes just like a loaded potato but is secretly made with a whole head of cauliflower.

JD continued to browse the website and couldn't resist making this Banana Cream Pie

Finally, we made a Broccoli Chicken and Noodle Casserole

Sorry, no photo. This was very good with great flavor.

In other news, next week begins my gluten free diet. After doing some research, I've read that a lot of migraine patients get relief (to some degree) when eliminating gluten. 2011 has been a bad year for my migraines. sick. sick. sick. knocked out sick.

So....I'm up for something, anything that can help. I'll let you know how it goes. Both the adjustment part (no bread, no pasta, etc) and the effect it has on my migraines. I had to plan at least one pasta dish before the new diet.

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  1. You will learn to enjoy the pasta sauce on rice or corn pasta. Bread, you'll be surprised how quickly you adapt. Oh, try Udi's blue berry muffins - they are fantastic!

    Don't forget to call or text if you have any questions!