Sunday, March 25, 2012

update on migraines and gf diet

It's been two weeks since going gluten free. I started this gf adventure during that time of the month, where I'm guaranteed a migraine or two. So ironically, within my first two weeks on the new diet, I had three migraines. I know it takes at least 1-3 months for the new diet to have an effect, but it was still frustrating to say the least.

But, how am I doing? Great actually. I have cheated once and I really haven't craved anything I'm not allowed. I was put through multiple tests (a student brought in fresh baked pastries, cookies/brownies at a church function, then cupcakes at church the following morning).

The only time it stung a bit was when we went out to eat this weekend. The burgers, sandwiches, and crab cakes all looked very good. Surprising, both restaurants we went to on Friday and Saturday offered gluten free menus. I found great choices at both places (Bonefish and Gordon Biersch).

A friend from work brought me a gluten free cookie mix and they are delicious.
All my family got together to celebrate my birthday (more on that in an upcoming post) and Katie was so kind to get me two gf oh-my-goodness-so-good cupcakes.
Even though I had two cupcakes and cookies, going gf has actually made me eat a lot healthier. More fruits, veggies, salads etc. Katie made this salad for lunch yesterday (goat cheese, strawberries, candied pecans with oil and vinegar) and it was so good I bought everything at the store today and had it for lunch again.

Another friend from work recommended a natural vitamin that helps decrease migraines and migraine symptoms, so now I'm popping those two.

Thanks to everyone to has reached out to help me with advice and suggestions for either the gf transition or migraine control.

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  1. Glad to hear it is easier to stick to it than you thought! That cupcake looks so yummy!