Friday, August 14, 2009

so Simple yet so Stunning

The last piece of my room makeover involved making the wall decoration over my bed. Keeping in mind I wanted something lost cost without compromising the style of the room. I also wanted something that followed the color scheme and brought out the brown in the curtains.

I am recently learned to sew and have fallen in love with the fabric store (I spent over 2 hours there last week). With a lot of options for color and designs, I knew I wouldn't have any trouble finding the colors I needed.

Read on to discover how simple it is to create your own Fabric Wall Art....

Materials Needed:
-Fabric of your choice
-Foam Board
-Hot glue gun
-Foam poster/picture mounting squares

1. Cut the foam board into the shape you want. I personally used squares. Cut the board with a sharp knife or an Xacto knife. It can be difficult to cut foam using scissors.
*Another option for your base it to use a wooden frame. I have used wood in the past, but have found foam board is much lighter and easier to hang. If you use wood, you need nails and a bracket to hang it.

2. Lay fabric down and place foam board on top. Cut your fabric leaving an extra inch on each side. (if fabric is wrinkled, iron it for a smooth finish)

3. Pull fabric tight and glue fabric onto the back of the board.
*The corners can be tricky...2 tips. Cut the excess fabric from the corners so when folded you don't see a bump or fold the corners like a you do when wrapping a present.

4. Add foam mounting squares, hang, and your all done.

so Simple yet so Stunning!

I did my entire project for $11.40. I bought all of my materials for this project at Joann's Fabric Store. (I already had the hot glue gun).

I love making my own creations for 3 reasons:
1. It's personal and reflects my own style.
2. It is super inexpensive.
3. I enjoy it and I love that feeling of "accomplishment" when I'm finished.

If you are inspired to make your own...send your pictures my way

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  1. Go MOLLIE!!! You have to admit, I inspired you when I taught you to sew those place mats! I'm so impressed by what you have done!