Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What is my Style?


When designing a room my first priority is always to meet the wants and needs of the client. As I am beginning to design more and more rooms, I am beginning to hear..."What is your style?"

Unsure of exactly how to define my style, I came up with "Unique Contemporary."

In relation to Unique , I like a room that reflects some originality. Something that makes the room special to the owner and makes it one of a kind. An antique or homemade item, are examples of personal touch that glorify a room. Simply stated, cookie-cutter rooms are not for me.

In relation to contemporary, I like clean lines, and up-to-date furniture, or furniture of "today." I like the neutral color schemes with pops of bright, accent colors. Contemporary design is simple, sleek, and fresh. Comfortable and cozy. Warm and inviting.

When I took the What is my Style quiz, from HGTV I got the following results:
"My style is Eclectic: Anything goes as long as it goes together. Blending different eras and styles with a single statement. " I partly agree with my results. I do not like a room too busy that is looks disjointed. Single statement with a equal balance of unique and contemporary fits the mold.

Stayed tuned for upcoming pictures of more room makeovers.

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