Friday, August 21, 2009

When to Save and when to Splurge?

Redoing a room doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars. It's important to know When to Save and when to Splurge. When working with a limited budget it can be confusing and frustrating on deciding where to spend the buck.

1. New furniture-Save and Splurge
Depending on what you need and your budget, I say both. If you need a new bed, I say splurge. Beds last a looooong time (most warranties are for 25 years) and a good night sleep is not something to gamble with. My husband and I splurged on the sleep number bed and I absolutely love it. On the other hand, if your couch is outdated with an ugly floral pattern you can simply save by purchasing a cover that will dramatically change the look without draining the wallet. Stores like Ikea, Walmart, and Target carry inexpensive furniture that can quickly update a space without spending too much.

Anything you buy that will last for years is a good reason to splurge. Sometimes if you buy cheap furniture it doesn't last as long. It all depends on your budget and what you need

2. Paint-Splurge
Buying paint isn't too big of a splurge because paint is rather inexpensive. Painting any room is one of the top ways to update or change a room. Purchasing paint is low-cost and adds pazazz to any room.

3. Accessories-Save
Accessories can be found anywhere, on any clearance rack, but still spice up any room. Pictures frames, pillows, and lamps can all be bought for cheap if you're willing to dig. For example, I was recently at Salvation Army and found 2 picture frames for $1.99 each. With a coat of white paint, they look fresh and new.

Tips for Saving:
1. Work with what you already have (keep your ugly chair-buy a new cover)
2. Shop at inexpensive stores and search for items on clearance
3. Use coupons
4. Do as much as you can yourself (don't hire outside help if you can do it yourself)

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