Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary (a year ago)

JD and I are quickly approaching our 2nd wedding anniversary.

Last August we celebrated our 1st year of marriage and it was filled with lots of wedded bliss (and a quarrel or 2) as we adjusted to married life, became part of the working world, and learned to live with 'compromise' (video game playing before dinner was cooked was not a good idea and hitting the "snooze" button more than one time was not allowed, I used to need at least 2-3).

Last year to celebrate our anniversary we went to breakfast. We plan on going to the same place this year too. We then went to great falls for a leisurely stroll, came home cooked dinner and enjoyed our wedding cake. Surprisingly, it was still good! It was a fun, simple day.
Another celebration came about 3 weeks later when we went to NYC for the US Open. We love tennis and got tickets for the men's final match. We also went into the city for a nice dinner.
Watching live tennis is really something. The stadium isn't that big, so any seat has a good view. We also saw Justin Timberlake, Bill Clinton, Ashley Olsen, and Gwen Stefani in the stands.

It was a great anniversary celebration for our 1st year of marriage.

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