Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Treat: Fruit Pizza

I have been tempted to share food and recipes ideas before but always have shied away. Maybe because I'm thinking you probably won't care what I'm cooking for dinner. But this summer treat is too good to pass up and not share.

I usually always make fruit pizza for a special occasion like a shower, birthday party or some other event. JD always begs for some but, "I can't take it (to wherever I'm taking it) with a chunk missing" and he always misses out.

So for once, I decided to make it just for him (well me too). Summer is the perfect time because fruit is in season and oh so fresh.

It is my mom's famous recipe and so easy to make. If you notice in the picture, the cream cheese has a pinkish tint. I prefer to use strawberry cream cheese.

I could eat this all day, and I just might.

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