Monday, October 25, 2010

A fall fashion show of bargains

I am definitely not a model or a fashionista.

But I do love a good bargain. I couldn't wait to share a few things I picked up (on the cheap) for the fall season. I had a fabulous time with Katie as we snapped photos in the park across the street from her house.

My goal when looking for clothes is: looks nice but doesn't cost a lot. I love J.Crew but hate to fork over the big bucks for the majority of their clothes. I have learned to look for the same style at less expensive stores. Target, H&M, and the J.Crew outlet are a few of my favorites.

Up first: J. Crew toothpick jeans
A girl always needs a great pair of jeans. These jeans are so comfortable and I love the skinny leg and dark denim look. Quick backstory to these jeans: Katie, also a deal hunter, called me one day while shopping at the J. Crew outlet and asked if I wanted a pair. They were $65.00. I told I'd think about it. The next day she called back and said they were now 40% off. J. Crew jeans for under $40.00? Who could resist? She picked me up a pair and sent them my way. To my surprise, when I received them there was a sweet note stapled to the receipt explaining that I do not need to pay them back and to accept them as a token of appreciation. So I got them totally FREE! What an awesome brother and sister-in-law I have!
Flannel Shirt:
Comfortable and warm. Bought from Target on sale for $10.00. They have a slew of colors.

Sweater Vest
Also bought from Target for $22.99. Very soft and cozy.
Vintage Bag:
Bought from Target on sale for $24.48, originally $34.99. Last one on the rack.
Gray Jacket:
Bought from H&M for $22.00. I love the polka dot lining.
So there are 5 items I picked up for the fall season.
Grand Total: $79.47
Not too shabby.

Happy shopping and saving everyone!


  1. Seriously cute photos! I love a bargain, too! Another fun idea is to have a SWAP party with friends - everyone brings something they don't want/wear anymore (jewelry, purses, shoes, clothes, etc.) and you trade items. Lots of fun for FREE! I have a post about it on my blog.