Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reunited and it feels so good

Last weekend, I took a short but oh so sweet trip to Oklahoma to visit my 2 great friends. Alyssa and Lesley are their names and we met the summer of 2006 in Long Beach, California. We all attended a summer missions trip with Campus Crusade and our everlasting friendship began.

Despite the many miles between us, (Alyssa lives in Colorado and Lesley in Oklahoma) our friendship continues to grow and we love and support each other through every milestone in life.

First came the screaming phone calls, "I'm engaged!" as we each prepared for marriage.
Second came the actually weddings as we all celebrated with each other.
Now we are so excited for Lesley as she bought a home and welcomed a special little girl to her family.

We have seen each other every year since we met:
  • Fall of 2006-Alyssa and Lesley ventured to the east coast and went to NYC for the first time.
  • Summer of 2007-Alyssa and I went to Oklahoma for Lesley's wedding.
  • May of 2008- Lesley and I went to Nebraska for Alyssa's wedding.
  • August of 2008- Alyssa and Lesley came back to PA for my wedding.
  • April 2009-I went to visit Alyssa in Utah
  • October 2010- Alyssa and I went to Oklahoma to meet baby Patterson
Here are some photos of our most recent reunion.
Isn't baby Patterson just precious? This sunset pretty much sums up Oklahoma. Peaceful and calm. It was nice to escape city living for a weekend and enjoy the company of my two best friends. They truly mean the world to me.

Stay tuned for some video action of our weekend.

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  1. SO fun Mollie! Looks like it was an amazing trip & baby Patterson is beautiful!! :)