Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Craft

I love a good craft and this one won't disappoint. It was simple, quick (1 hour-ish), and festive. Apparently using book pages for decor/crafts is the in thing. After seeing book page designs, blog after blog and store after store, I just had to jump on the band wagon.

I came up with this sign idea and battled for about 2 minutes with myself over what saying I wanted to display. In the end, I settled with a simple Merry Christmas. Keep in mind this can be altered to whatever saying you wish to display.

This craft was created on a school night, so I did not have the time or patience to capture each step of the process with pictures. So I'll do my best to explain in words.

What you need:
  • An old book or a new one from the dollar store like I used
  • Black marker, pen, scissors
  • Ribbon
  • A circular object (any will do, I used a roll of painters tape)
  • Glitter
  • Letters to trace or letter stamps and an ink pad
  • Elmer's glue
  • Hole puncher
  • Tape
Step 1
Tear out some pages from the book and trace the circular object onto the pages. I used about 3 pages and folded them in half and got 6 circles in one sh-bang.
Tip: I like to complete all of one step before moving onto the next, it keeps this moving and is more organized.

Step 2
Trace, ink, or write one letter of your saying on each circle. I knew my hand writing would not be neat enough, so I traced some foam letters and colored them in with black marker. Choose whatever method you want.

Step 3
Time for the messy part. Place a small rim of Elmer's glue on the outside of the circle and cover with glitter. This step can be a bit tedious but worth it for that extra bit of sparkle.

Let dry. A good hour or two would be best. I only waited about 45 minutes while we watched Glee Christmas and was back at it. They were not completely dry but I wanted to finish and it was almost bed time.

Step 4
Punch a small hole above the letter and string the ribbon through. Once I had all the letters where I wanted them, I placed a small piece of tape on the back holding the ribbon and letter in place. I tired it without the tape but the letters would not lay flat.

Step 5
Hang it up. I just used clear masking tape to hang it up. It could also me tied up. It could be placed anywhere. We did not have many options so I decided to place it on a 2 foot wall in the kitchen/living room area. It is at the end of a long hallway so whenever I wake up or come back from the bathroom, I smile at my new Christmas display.
I cut out a few additional stars from the book pages and placed them randomly on the wall.

Did I mention this only cost me $1.00 to make?! All I had to buy was the book because I had everything else. But even you do have to buy a few extra things, it will still be SUPER inexpensive.

Merry Christmas!!


  1. Ooo! I just love it!

    visiting from newlywoodwards! :)

  2. This looks great! I love all the book page crafts I've been seeing. Thanks for linking to NewlyWoodwards Dare to DIY. Appreciate it and I love seeing your project.

  3. super-cute! I, too, am smitten with all of the book page crafts floating around blogland recently! :)

  4. Too cute - I love the use of book pages, and very quick, that's how I like my crafts :)