Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Homemade Christmas Gifts: HIM

I'm back with my second edition of homemade Christmas gift ideas. This time focusing on the men in our life. Husband, brother, boyfriend, or any other special boy in your life. If you missed my post outlining a few homemade gifts for HER, click here.

I must say it was easier to find projects for the girls, but I did find a few for the men.

Up first.

Car Wash Kit
This isn't exactly homemade but it is something you have to put together. If you know my dad, he is a guy who LOVES to wash cars and almost does it every weekend in the summer. My parents have four cars for the two of them. Technically, one for my mom and three for my dad. He likes cars like my sister-in-law loves to sing:) I always appreciate when I come home for the weekend and I leave with a shiny, clean car. Inside and out I might add. Peg Board Tool Organizer
Men love tools. This would be great to hang in the garage. Kind of like a manly piece of wall art. You can buy the peg board and hooks at Home Depot. This could also be modified for those of us living in apartments with no garage. You could make a smaller version and hang it inside of a closet door. Want more info? Click Here.
Traveling Photo Frame
Does the man in your life travel a lot? What could be better than taking his family with him. This blog has a whole post dedicated to manly gifts. My favorite is the traveling frame. I love the thought and and simplicity behind the gift.
Personalized Cup or Mug
A few weeks ago John and Sherry over at Young House Love created a word on a glass jar, using etching cream. They went with the word Thanks on a jar, but I think this could be modified in many ways. You could etch his initials, nickname, name, or superman logo, if you want to go crazy, on a glass mug. Follow the tutorial here. I've been dying to do try this and still might.
All men love food. Enough said.
Peppermint Bars
Chocolate Carmel Candy
Almond Buttercrunch Candy

I have not made any of this candy but it sure looks delicious and festive.

I have some more ideas but it's past my bed time. Final thoughts with no pictures.
  • Movie date night basket filled with a movie gift card, popcorn, and candy.
  • Magazine Subscription
  • The book, Lone Survivor. Crazy true story about a navy seal. From what I hear it's amazing.
I like homemade gifts because they show personalization, thought, and do not break the bank.

Stay tuned for my latest DIY Christmas decor project. JD and I spent 30 minutes drilling a 2 cm hole through glass. Stay tuned.

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