Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Window Display 2010

Hey Gang. I was going to wait until all my projects were done to share my Christmas goodies but that may be a while, and I am excited to share my window display all dressed up for Christmas. I was going for a neutral, rustic theme with some shimmery/sparkly/gold-ish/metallic accents.

If you remember from my fall window display, we don't have a lot of room to decorate or a lot of furniture to place decorations on, so I like the window sill to be the main attraction.I wrapped a few empty boxes in some paper I already had and tied everything together with some gold ribbon. I needed something on top and a bow wasn't cuttin' it. When I saw this little gold reindeer, I knew it would be the perfect topper to my present tower. My mom bought me those shimmery stars on clearance last year.
I picked up this wooden candle holder from an antique shop while out shopping with Katie. It originally had to rustic, metal stars on the front, but JD thought it looked too beachy and I could see his point. So I replaced the stars with this "D" ornament from Pottery Bran. The $2.00 price tag convinced me to buy it.
I placed some glittered covered ornament balls and a string of lights in the vase and topped it off with some "wild hair" in JD's terminology. They are shimmery, silver flower-like things.

The candles and lights really reflect the glittery objects. It is really pretty at night but also very hard to photograph. You'll just have to take my word that is looks nice. These photos were taken around 4:00pm just before it got too dark.

So that's how my window sill looks for Christmas. I wanted to keep it simple, cohesive, and neutral.

Stayed tuned for a Christmas craft that is super easy to make for less than $5.00. Hint: I got my inspiration from that "D" ornament above.

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